LightReview Features

Team collaboration
  • Review will be completed only when all members of the team will review it.
  • Reviewers can be assigned on whole project.
  • Reviewers can be assigned only on specific review.
  • Each reviewer receives email notifications about actions on review.
  • If reviewer currently on review - it can receive popup of action made by other reviewers.
  • Every day TODO emails for people that haven't completed some reviews.
  • Any comment can be resolved only by the author of this comment.
  • It is enough simple to control which people must complete review or to fix their problems.
  • Each file in review automatically mark as reviewed when developer opens it.
  • None - developer hasn't opened a review yet.
  • Started - developer opened review or viewed some files, but some files left to review.
  • Passed - developer has passed review, but left some comments to resolve
  • Completed - developer has passed review and have no unresolved comments left
Code syntax highlight
  • Nothing unusual. Just code highlight!
  • Each developer can change his color highlight theme in his profile.
Useful UI
  • Dashboard for developer
  • Dashboard for project
  • TODO list that allows to track comments that must be resolved or reviewed
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Time tracking
  • Agree feature - each developer can agree with his colleague's comment
  • Different hotkeys that allows you to: list review files, list changes in file, goto line, etc
  • Each hotkey can be defined by developer in his profile settings
  • Simple gitlab integration - you can go to file by link
  • Other integration features are in roadmap
  • Git SCM is supported
  • Other SCM support is in roadmap