v1.1.1   2016-09-17

  • Added author name to new review mail.
  • Comments TODO show fix.


 v1.1.0   2016-08-15
  • Implemented comments of current diff popup. Closes #67
  • Show started reviews on first reviews tab
  • Theme updated
  • Fixed reviewers reviews counts in project statistics (allow statuses PASSED and COMPLETED). Fixes #63
  • Do not allow to create reviews from project that has no such memeber. Fixes #61
  • Show unresolved comments count in file tree. Closes #60
  • Added file in new comment email. Closes #44
  • Implemented hotkeys for next/prev changes and comments in current diff.
  • Changed tomcat version
  • Fix views column length
  • Implemented CTRL and ALT additional keys for hotkeys. Implemented Go To Line hotkey.
  • Implemented complete button instead of autocomplete by system. Closes #57
  • Email button GO renamed
  • Changed line and diff data storing in URL from hash to query parameter. This will allow to work redirection more correctly.
  • Review button style refactorings
  • Fixed review state service - checking full list of views instead of count. Closes #49
  • Show only comments count in filetree (do not count replies)
  • Added review code to email titles. Closes #58
  • Tests cleanup. Use repo url instead of local files.
  • Thumbs up icon updated. Closes #59
  • Added autoscrolling to first changed line
  • Fixed file tree building (some directories was in wrong places)
  • Update diff views on new commits.
  • Additional fix for bad validation at review creation form.
  • Do no show not active project in commits creation window. Fixed js in project creation/editing page. Fixed services cache cleanup on project info editing.
  • Fixed new review email. Send to all reviewers, except author. Closes #53
  • Moved out admin css from application css. Fixed search commits form. Closes #54
  • Removed select2 styles from admin dashboard.
  • Fixed #56 - side by side lines scrolling problem
  • Possible fix for invalidated sessions exception in notifications
  • Fixed error showing on double review status change. Fixed errors page styles
  • Allow to remove review if is still in DRAFT state.
  • Not rounded avatars. Fixed some UI colors issues.
  • Fixed  v1.0.1  2016-05-30


v1.0.1  2016-05-30

v1.0.0  2016-05-26